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If you are reading this, it must be February 1st! Our website is officially open, and our first competition will begin on February 6th.

Each competition will encompass a duration of 3 to 4 weeks, and be comprised of 5 scores in workouts.

Each month will start a new competition and you can find specifics on our schedule page. Each workout will have a deadline when scores are required to be submitted.

In order to compete in Constant Competitor an account and subscription are required. Subscriptions have several different durations to choose from and can be cancelled at any time. When and if a subscription is cancelled your account will continue to have access to score submissions for the remainder of the duration paid for.

Prizes, as well as the number of competitors rewarded are directly related to the amount of people who are competing within your division. The more people competing the larger the prize. Likewise, the more people competing the larger the pool of people can be awarded.

Please see the Rulebook and FAQ for more details, and please post any questions and comments here, or to our social media. Alternatively you may utilize our contact form to email us!

Don’t forget to subscribe to email alerts in order to be notified when new posts are made.

We look forward to building a strong, and fun community of individuals who love to compete!

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