September Competition Preview!

Thank you competitors, I am very much looking forward to our next month of competition in September!

There will be an additional prize to the top competitor of each division for the month, a box from WODBOM!


Here's how it will work:

1️⃣ Competing with Constant Competitor continues to be FREE!
2️⃣ Tell your friends to join you! If at least 15 people in a division are actively competing, the the top competitor in that division will win a WODBOM box in addition to our standard prizes:

💥 BONUS: As long as there is at least one division with 15 active competitors we will randomly select an active competitor from ANY division to be awarded their own WODBOM package. If all four divisions have 15 active competitors then two people will be randomly awarded!

In order to be qualified to win the WODBOM prize you must submit video proof of at least 3 of the 5 scores for the September Competition.

*In order for a division to qualify for the WODBOM prize there must be at least 15 active competitors. An “Active Competitor” is someone who submits at least 3 of the 5 scores during the September Competition.

Here is the Schedule for our September Competition:
Good luck, and have fun!