Rulebook / FAQ

Rulebook & FAQ


  • During registration you will be required to initial acknowledgement that you will receive a welcome email with url link to sign the Assumption of Risk and Liability. This form will require signature within 24 hours or your account will risk being inactivated without refund.

What is Constant Competitor?

  • Constant Competitor is an online fitness community offering monthly competitions all year. With opportunities to win prizes by taking a top spot on your divisions leaderboard, and more!

Constant Competitor is NOT  

  • Constant Competitor is NOT a training program.
  • Constant Competitor is NOT a resource for coaching, and therefore is not a space to learn technique. Users that are participating in Constant Competitor do so at their own risk, please read the Terms of Use and Assumption of Risk and Liability for more details.

How does Constant Competitor Work?

  • Each month will be a series of competition workouts that will accumulate to a leaderboard. Each competition will last 3 or 4 weeks with with a total of five scored workouts.
    • Each series of competitions will be listed on the schedule page. Each competition workout will be announced on the scheduled Wednesday at 5 pm PST with submission deadlines on each following Wednesday by 5 pm PST.
  • Equipment used in competitions will be that which is considered commonly available. Commonly used implements will include, but are not limited to: barbells and bumper plates; dumbbells; kettlebells; plyometric boxes; Concept 2 brand rowing machine; pull up bar; gymnastic rings; up to 30 ft of distance for movements that traverse distances.
  • Leaderboard prizes will vary, but will be awarded for top Competitors at the end of each months competition.
  • Prizes will be prioritized first to Competitors who submit substantial video proof of their efforts compared to their competitors. Only after Competitors who submitted video proof of their efforts are awarded prizes will any remaining prizes be awarded to the top scores that do not have video proof. Therefore it is recommended that if a Competitor believes they are going to achieve a top score that they video record their efforts.

Which division should I compete in?

  • Both Intermediate and Advanced divisions are available to Men and Women.
    • Intermediate
      • The Intermediate division is for competitors who are relatively inexperienced with competition. Intermediate competitors struggle with heavier weights and higher skill movements, and routinely substitute movements and weight during normal workouts.
    • Advanced
      • The Advanced division is for those who have some experience with competition. This competitor does not need to substitute movements or weight during normal workouts. This competitor is capable of doing complex gymnastic movements.
    • More divisions may be added in the future after assessing the needs of the community.


  • Constant Competitor is currently FREE to compete until further notice
  • Subscriptions cannot be paused, but can be cancelled at any time. If a subscription is cancelled it will continue to be active for the remainder of the duration they were paid for.


  • A Competitors placement will be scored based on their finish in each competition workout. Competition workouts will be scored by either Time Duration, Repetitions completed, or by Load (weight achieved). Similar to the sport of Golf the Competitor with the least amount of points ranks the highest.
    • A Competitor who scores first place will earn 1 point, second place 2 points, third place 3 points, etc..
  • Any Competitor who fails to submit a score by a competition workouts deadline will be placed in last place for that specific score, tied with any other competitor who also fails to submit a score.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of a month of competition the Competitor who earns the greater amount of higher ranked scores will be the first to be awarded any prize. This may in turn cause the Competitor who has fewer high ranked scores to not be qualified to earn a prize.

How do I read the leaderboard?

            Per Column:

  • Rank – the overall ranking of the competitor listed in the same row, the number in parenthesis indicates the accumulated points from the competition. For example, a rank that displays “2 (11)” would indicate that the competitor is in second place with a points total of 11.
  • Competitor – the name of the individual competing.
  • All other columns – Other columns indicate the name of the competition workout and their results per the competitor listed in the same row.
    • Components of the cell that identifies the score will display the rank of the score in parenthesis, followed by the competitors score which will be identified by a numeric amount of repetitions, weight listed in pounds (lbs), or duration listed in minutes and seconds (mm:ss).
    • The rank of a specific competition workout is also the amount of points earned, and will be totaled in the overall rank mentioned above.

How are prizes awarded?

  • A video for score submission is not required to win a leaderboard prize. However, a submission that has a video for proof will always outrank a score that does not have a video for proof, even if the score with video proof is ranked significantly lower.
  • Monthly prizes
    • The competitor who has submitted the most video proof of their scores will qualify first for prizes according to rank. If multiple competitors submit videos for all competition workouts then they will be the first to qualify for prizes. If any prizes remain after the initial distribution then the competitors who submitted the most amount of videos will be possible candidates for prizes.
  • Competitor video submissions must meet the Video Submission Standards. Scores will be subject to correction after Constant Competitor has viewed them for accuracy. See Video Submission Standards for further details.

What about score adjustments/corrections and validation?

  • Score Adjustments
    • If a score you have submitted was incorrect OR if you have repeated a competition workout and improved your score, you must email in order to submit the score adjustment as well as video URL (if available) for changes to be made.
  • Score Corrections
    • If a score needs to be corrected for accuracy then the competitor will be emailed to inform what the correction is and why.
  • Unrealistic Scores
    • An unrealistic score will be determined by Constant Competitor if there is no video proof accompanying said score, and if it is grossly disproportionate to the otherwise highest scores populating the leaderboard.
    • If a score that is submitted appears to be wildly out of the possibilities of what anyone is capable of completing and there is no video to prove that the result is true, the competitor will be emailed to correct any possible input error. If the competitor insists the unrealistic score is accurate they will have until the validation date to submit video proof of the results within a “rule of 5.” The “rule of 5” means that their video score must show the competitor completing within 5 lbs, reptitions, or seconds of whatever their unrealistic score claims. If the competitor fails to submit a correction when prompted then the score will be deleted so that it does not affect the legitimacy of the leaderboard.
  • When will scores be valid?
    • Scores will be official two days (Friday at 5pm PST) following the final week of the submission deadline for the months competition.

What are the prizes?

  • There are NO cash prizes.
  • See Prize Tables for details on how each placement is awarded per amount of competitors involved in competition.
  • Prizes can be in the form of Electronic Gift Card, or items. All prizes will be made available at the end of the months competition after the verification of scores is completed. Any Competitors who earn a prize will be notified via email, as well as announced on social media.
    • Electronic Gift Cards may be limited to those specifically advertised as prizes. If possible a prize may be alternated to a different brands Electronic Gift Card, but there is no guarantee.
    • If an Electronic Gift Card can only be purchased in an specific increment, it will be awarded in the amount rounded to the nearest $5 increment from a competitors total winnings. Electronic Gift Cards will be awarded to the email the competitor has listed in their profile.
    • Itemized prizes will be available if a sponsor makes them available. Itemized prizes will be shipped to the address in the Competitors profile.
    • As of now there are no sponsors who support Constant Competitor. Any prizes that are announced are respected brands of Constant Competitor.
  • How many prizes are awarded?
    • Leaderboard prizes are specific to the amount of Competitors in each division.
    • Leaderboard prizes are awarded to top ranked competitors at the culmination of each months competition.
      • At the end of each months Competition up to three (3) Competitors per division will receive a prize.
  • Are prizes different in divisions?
    • The prize amounts are determined specifically by the amount of competitors in each division. Gender divisions will award equally.
    • Prizes in more challenging divisions will offer greater prize amounts

What are the Video Submission Standards?

  • Please submit video proof with URL links provided from either YouTube or Vimeo.

**If a submitted video link does not portray the intended Competitor performing the Competition workout, the Competitors Membership is subject to removal without a refund**

*If a wrong link is proven to be submitted in error an effort of correction will be made, but is not guaranteed.*

  • A video submission is not a requirement, however it will rank a competitor higher in consideration for a prize than all other non-video submissions, this ranking will not be calculated directly on the leaderboard, it will be monitored and announced by Constant Competitor.
  • With each workout a suggested camera angle will be given that will best allow viewing of the Competitor meeting movement standards.
    • If the suggested camera angle is unable to be met then it is up to the Competitor to determine the best possible camera angle to show their work. Keep in mind that all scores are subject to correction after Constant Competitor has viewed them for accuracy.
  • Specific instructions for each competition video will be given in the details of each weeks workout description and submission requirements.
  • Submitted videos must be continuous and unedited.
  • Prior to a workout beginning the Competitor must be in frame and identify themselves as well as the name of the competition workout, show all equipment and any measurements pertaining to the workout. If there is a password then it must be clearly stated at some point during the video.
  • If showing a weight or measurement the camera must focus clearly on the text indicating the weight or measurement. Markers (such as pylons) used in the workout to detail where specific measurements are must be used to ensure the Competitor meets distance requirements. These implements must remain in the frame of the video at all times at in order to be valid.
  • It is suggested that a camera be mounted during a workout in order to avoid a mobile camera-person missing the athletes efforts during the workout. However, a Competitor might require assistance from someone in order to show progress on an erg monitor during a workout.
  • A timer must be visible and easy to read that is continuously in frame of the video. The timer must indicate the required time domain interval. It is recommended to use an application that will include a timer on the interface of the video automatically when recorded.
  • Once a competition workout has begun the athlete must remain in the video frame at all times. If an athlete comes out of the video frame at any time their score is subject to being penalized or denied.
  • Constant Competitor will make all judgement on score accuracy, and whether or not movement standards are met during workouts. It is up to the athlete to be familiar with all rules and standards before attempting a competition workout and submitting their score.

Who programs the competitions?

  • Most competition workouts posted on Constant Competitor will be created from the minds at Constant Competitor. When and if another workout of known familiarity to the fitness community is utilized for competition purposes an effort to reference its origin will be made.

Where can I find the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and/or the Assumption of Risk and Liability?

            The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well as the Assumption of Risk and Liability can be found here

Score Adjustment/Penalties

  • Movement Standards
    • Movement standards will typically be explained with the release of each competition workout.
    • When and if a particular standard isn’t explicitly detailed for a movement or subset of a movement it is expected that the Competitor will use their judgement to perform each movement using common sense and without making any effort to create shortcuts that would otherwise create a distinct and unfair advantage.
      • Constant Competitor reserves the right to penalize or reject any scores that are considered to be violating movement standards.
  • Unless otherwise stated specifically to a competition workout the following will be the standard penalties for scores being adjusted by Constant Competitor.
    • Workouts for Time
      • If a workout is listed as “For Time” and the competitor does not complete the required amount of repetitions for any particular movement a five (5) second penalty will be added to their score for each repetition that is not completed. If the submission requires 10-14 repetitions corrected a ten (10) second penalty in the score will be made for each repetition that is not completed. If the submission shows 15 or greater repetitions that are not completed a 15 second penalty per repetition or rejection of the submission in its entirety will be made.
    • Workouts for Repetitions
      • If a workout is listed “For Repetitions” or “AMRAP” (As Many Repetitions as Possible) and the competitor submits a score that is not accurate to what is viewed on their video submission (if submitted) an effort to correct the score will be made. If the submission requires < 5 repetitions corrected, the adjustment will be made. If the submission requires 5 to 9 repetitions corrected a 5% penalty in the score will be made. If the submission requires 10-15 repetitions corrected a 10% penalty to the score will be made. If the submission requires greater than 15 repetitions corrected a 25% penalty or rejection of the submission in its entirety will be made.
    • Workouts for loading
      • If a workout is listed “For weight” or “For total weight” or “For lbs” and the competitor submits a score that is not accurate to what is viewed on their video submission (if available) an effort to correct the score will be made.
  • For any scores that appear unrealistic, please refer to the “Unrealistic Score” Ruling.
  • Penalties and score adjustments are at the sole discretion of Constant Competitor.

This document may be modified at any time without notice.

Last updated July 2019