Prize Tables

Prizes distributed are equivalent amounts awarded as Electronic Gift Cards. Listed in this chart are those amounts awarded to the final placement of individuals at the end of each months competition according to the amount of people competing in each specific division.

Prizes are awarded in the amount listed in the form of electronic gift cards through a variety of brands, none of the brands we issue electronic gift cards are sponsors for Constant Competitor, however they are valued brands that are the acceptable options! Those brands are the following:

Rogue Fitness | NOBULL | Born Primitive | RPM Training | Project X

Additionally, Constant Competitor Shirts and Women’s Tanks will be available while supplies last for top competitors!

If you have any questions, or are interested in a product of yours becoming a prize for Constant Competitor, please contact!

To see how prizes are awarded please refer to the Rulebook and FAQ. Although a competitor may rank higher, a person who submits the most video proof of their efforts are the first to qualify for prizes. Therefore it is recommended to submit video proof of your efforts.