Congratulations to our September Competitors!

Congratulations to our September Winners!

During the month of September we definitely gained a handful of new competitors, thank you for joining in on the fun!

Congratulations to our winners of each division! Those who placed first in the Advanced Divisions have earned a $25 E-Gift Card and in the Intermediate Divisions a $15 E-Gift Card of your choosing. Our prize tables can be found here!

Advanced Men: Zach Short comes back this month and wins the Advanced Men's division, but barely scraping by! Zach had three 1st place finishes during the month, Congratulations Zach!

Advanced Women: Samantha Simon dominated the Advanced Women's division once again, taking four of the five workouts with 1st place finishes. Congratulations Samantha!

Intermediate Men: A new name, Grant Thomas, comes out with a 1st place overall, he neglected to do all five workouts, but placed 1st in each he submitted. According to our Rulebook, however, Sean White will be awarded the prize as he submitted the most video proof of his efforts, and finished only 1 point behind Grant. Congratulations Grant & Sean!

Intermediate Women: Gina Klein climbed to the top of the Leaderboard after Week 2 and held on to the 1st place overall position through the final week. This is Gina's first time winning the Intermediate Women's division, Congratulations Gina! Gina will receive an additional prize: a box from WODBOM due to the fact that the Intermediate Women's division had a minimum of 10 active competitors!

**Additionally, a randomized prize of a WODBOM box will be awarded to Lanty Defoe for submitting a minimum of 3 video proof of her scores through the month of September!**

Thank you so much to everyone who competed during September!

Our competition for October is right around there corner, and it will be starting October 2nd.

Once again, we will offer a WODBOM box as an additional prize to the top competitors of each division* for the month of October! Tell your friends!
*In order to qualify for this prize a division will need at least 15 competitors who submit at least 3 scores each.

We will be utilizing the Open workouts for competition in October and November. You and your friends are more than likely to be doing the Open workouts anyways, so get them on board and have them also submit their scores here, for a chance to walk away with a prize from a free competition!

Verification of the Open workout scores will simply be cross-checking individuals names on the Open Leaderboard, so don't be concerned about video-taping those particular workouts!

Here is our schedule for the upcoming competition in October: