Ball Drop: Karen’s Dead

January Competition

Week 1 of 4    |    January 1st, 2020

Score submissions open January 1st at 5PM PST, and close January 8th at 5PM PST

Competition Workout 1

"Ball Drop: Karen's Dead"


For Time (10:00 Time Cap):

150 Wall Balls*

*complete 3 Deadlifts each time Wallballs are stopped or dropped

Men: 20 lb (9 kg) Wallball to 10 ft target, 225 lb (102 kg) Barbell
Women: 14 lb (6 kg) Wallball to 9 ft target, 155 lb (70 kg) Barbell


For Time (10:00 Time Cap):

150 Wall Balls*

*complete 3 Deadlifts each time Wallballs are stopped or dropped

Men: 14 lb (6 kg) Wallball to 10 ft target, 135 lb (61 kg) Barbell
Women: 10 lb (4 kg) Wallball to 9 ft target, 95 lb (43 kg) Barbell

Workout Description:

The workout begins with a stopwatch timer counting up to 10:00, and the competitor completing as many Wallballs as possible. At any point during the Wallballs if the competitor stops, pauses the movement, or drops the wallball, they need to complete a set of 3 Deadlifts before returning to more Wallballs. Once the 150th Wallball is completed the time is your score, you are NOT required to complete any further sets of Deadlifts.

*Please note: if the competitor fails to hit the wall ball target then that particular repetition will not be counted, but they may continue to perform wall balls so long as the movement cadence is not interrupted.

If unable to complete the workout under the 10:00 time cap, your score will be the amount of completed repetitions of Wallballs.

Tie Breaker:

The tie break score is the amount of repetitions completed in the first set of Wallballs.

Score Penalties:

If the competitor fails to complete a set of 3 Deadlifts after stopping, pausing, or dropping their Wallball then no additional repetitions of Wallballs will be counted until after the set of 3 Deadlifts is completed.

If 10 or less incomplete repetitions are judged, 1 repetition will be deducted from your score up to 10 miscounted repetitions. For example, if a competitor counts incorrectly, failing to complete the 150 Wallballs they will be penalized 1 repetition for each miscounted repetition.

If greater than 10 incomplete repetitions are judged, a 2 repetition penalty will be deducted from your score after the 10th deduction penalty. For example, the competitor makes 15 errors with the repetition scheme while performing the workout they will be deducted 10 repetitions for the first 10 errors, and then another 10 for the 11th through 15th error.

These aforementioned penalties count for bad repetitions that don't meet the movement standards as well as blatantly missed repetitions.

Movement Standards

The Deadlift starts with a loaded barbell resting on the ground. The competitor's feet must be hip-width apart, hands gripping the barbell outside their knees. The competitor will lift the weight from the ground to approximately hip-height, extending their hips and legs, with the shoulders back, behind the barbell (as opposed to slouched, in front of the barbell). If performing consecutive repetitions the competitor may not forcefully return the barbell to the ground as to "bounce" the weight into the start of the next repetition.

Common faults that may result in a non-counted repetition for Deadlift include: not reaching full extension of hips and legs; not extending to achieve shoulders behind the barbell; bouncing the barbell into a consecutive repetition; or establishing a foot placement wider than the competitors grip; or placing the arms and feet in any way other than required.

A Wall Ball Repetition will be counted with the competitor first holding the Ball. The competitor will then complete a squat while holding the ball, bringing the crease of their hip beneath the level of their knees. Next, the competitor will stand up out of the squat position and proceed to toss the ball at their respective target height. The competitor may choose to then catch the ball and do as many consecutive repetitions as they desire. If the competitor chooses to let the ball to the ground in between repetitions, the ball must come to a rest on the floor (it may not be bouncing) before the athlete may pick it up and begin completing additional repetitions.

Common faults of a Wall Ball that may result in a non-counted repetition may include: not using the required weight of a wall ball; not using the correct target height; not contacting the correct target height with a repetition either on accident or purposefully; if the competitor does not achieve a full squat during a repetition; if the ball is dropped and picked up prior to the ball coming to a rest on the floor.

Video Submission Standards

If video recording the workout: The competitor should film at a side angle. Furthermore, the competitor must film at an angle where the Wallballs can be seen to hit the target, as well as squat depth visualized. Likewise, the competitor should have the barbell placed so Deadlifts are clearly viewed to reach full extension as the movement requirements suggest.

For competitors that are submitting a video of their effort the competitor must begin the video by stating their name and the name of the competition workout(s) they are completing. Next, the competitor must show all weights and measurements, clearly demonstrating and focusing on the numeric value so the specific weight and measurement can be clearly viewed.

The athlete and any implements, which in this video requires a Wallball specific to their division, a target at 9' or 10', and loaded barbell for deadlifts.. A timer that is counting upwards to 10:00 must be visible at all times throughout for the workout.

It is recommended to utilize an application (such as WeTime) that has a built-in timer on the video interface. The video recording may not be edited and must be one continuous recording. It is recommended that the video recording device be mounted as opposed to having an individual moving it around and possibly causing the required implement(s) or the competitor to come out of the frame during the video which may render the video invalid for scoring purposes.

If any of these standards are not met the video is subject to being invalidated. An invalidated video may result in a score not qualifying for a prize, so it is crucial that these standards are met. If you have any additional questions, please contact prior to attempting this workout to ensure all required standards are met.