“Anchor” & “Swingset”

2019 June 12 | Submissions close 2019 June 19 at 1700 PST

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“Anchor” & “Swingset” Competition Workout Description

Competitors will need a timer that counts upwards to be used for both workouts, a Concept 2 Rowing Erg, and a kettlebell specific to their division:

Advanced Men 53 lb KB
Advanced Women 35 lb KB
Intermediate Men 35 lb KB
Intermediate Women 26 lb KB

The workout begins with the competitors feet strapped into the rower, but not touching the paddle with their hands.

When the timer starts, at 0:00 the competitor will begin the “Anchor” portion of the workout: As Many Repetitions as possible of:

15/10 Row for Calories
10 Goblet Squats
5 Right Arm Kettlebell Shoulder to Overhead
5 Left Arm Kettlebell Shoulder to Overhead

Male competitors will be required to row 15 calories to start each round, and then follow the remainder of movements accordingly, accruing 35 repetitions per round. Female competitors will be required to row 10 calories to start each round, and then follow the remainder of movements accordingly, accruing 30 repetitions per round.

Once the timer reaches 9:00, the competitor will rest until exactly 10:00.

At 10:00, the competitor begins “Swingset,”: As Many Repetitions as Possible in a Single, Unbroken Set of:

Russian Kettlebell Swings

Once the competitor picks up the kettlebell and begins “Swingset” the timer does not matter towards the score any longer, however, for every second beyond the 10:00 mark the competitor does not pick up and start swinging they will be penalized 1 repetition.

To reiterate, the score calculated for “Anchor” is the amount of total repetitions completed in the 9:00 window. All competitors will Rest from the 9:00 until 10:00 mark. Immediately, when the clock reaches 10:00 the competitor will begin “Swingset,” and the competitor will complete as many repetitions as possible of Russian Kettlebell Swings until they can’t hold onto the Kettlebell any longer.

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Movement Standards

Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat begins with a Dumbbell or Kettlebell in the front rack position starting with the competitor’s hips and legs locked out in extension. To complete a repetition of a Goblet Squat the competitor must maintain the implement in the front rack position while reaching squat depth (hip crease below parallel) and continuing back to a standing position with hips, legs at extension.

Common faults that may result in a non-counted repetition for Goblet Squat may Include: failing to have either hips and/or legs at full extension at the end of the movement; failing to reach squat depth during the movement.


The rower used must be a Concept 2 brand Rowing Erg. The competitor must remain seated the entire duration of the row and may not leave the rower until the specific meter count, or calorie count is completed.

Common faults that may result in a non-counted repetition for rowing may include: using a brand of rower other than Concept 2 brand Rowing Erg; not remaining seated until completion of required work; manipulating the monitor at any point while rowing.

Russian Kettlebell Swing

The Russian Kettlebell Swing begins with the competitor picking the kettlebell off the floor with both hands. The competitor must swing the kettlebell in a pendulum-like movement, clearly achieving the implement to a height of eye level or greater. The competitors arms, legs and hips must all be at extension when the implement reaches this height. Furthermore, the competitors arms must remain locked out during the entirety of the movement

Common faults that may result in a non-counted repetition for the Russian Kettlebell Swing include: failing to maintain the arms at extension, or “locked out” throughout the movement; failing to achieve the implement at eye-level or greater to complete a repetition; failing to extend the arms, legs, and hips at the completion of a repetition; failing to maintain a grip on the implement with both hands throughout the movement.

Shoulder to Overhead

The Shoulder to Overhead may be completed with one of many implements; a Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Barbell, or other item as indicated by the workout. In order to complete a repetition of a Shoulder to Overhead the competitor must bring their implement(s) to the front rack position. From here, the competitor may use their legs to generate force to help press their implement(s) above their head. A completed repetition requires that the competitors arm(s) and legs and hips are at full extension with the implement(s) locked out over the crown of their head. The competitor has the option to “strict press” the object if they choose, without using their legs for assistance in driving the object overhead.

Common faults that may result in a non-counted repetition include: not starting a repetition from the front-rack position; not bringing legs, hips to full extension; not locking the implement(s) above the crown of their head to conclude a repetition.

Video Submission Standards

For competitors that are submitting a video of their effort the competitor must begin the video by stating their name and the name of the competition workout(s) they are completing. Next, the competitor must show all weights and measurements, clearly demonstrating and focusing on the numeric value so the specific weight and measurement can be clearly viewed.

The athlete and any implements, which in these videos will require a Concept 2 brand Rowing Erg and a Kettlebell specific to their division for both “Anchor” and “Swingset.” A timer that is counting up from 0:00 must be visible at all times throughout. It is recommended to utilize an application (such as WeTime) that has a built-in timer on the video interface. The video recording may not be edited and must be one continuous recording. It is recommended that the video recording device be mounted as opposed to having an individual moving it around and possibly causing and required implement, or the competitor to come out of the frame during the video which may render the video invalid for scoring purposes.

If any of these standards are not met the video is subject to being invalidated. An invalidated video may result in a score not qualifying for a prize, so it is crucial that these standards are met. If you have any additional questions, please contact support@constantcompetitor.com prior to attempting this workout to ensure all required standards are met.